Choker Trend: Fall/Winter 2016

What's old is new again. That happens more often than you might believe in the world of fashion. You're seeing bright, vibrant designs from the 1980s coming back, and now even your jewelry has a very "Clarissa Explains it All" kind of vibe to it.

The choker, long remembered for appearances in cult 90s movies, television shows and music videos, has been all but banished from modern fashion, at least until recently.

Now, it is back and bigger than ever. While this is the perfect time to break out your own (or your mom's) choker from the 90s, there are some new choker trends to consider as winter fast approaches. 

Some choker looks you should consider include:

  • The All-in-one
  • The Wrap
  • The Bling Meets Leather
  • Classic Black
  • The Chain Look

The All-In-One

Many current choker trends are not just a single choker and that's it. Now, the choker look is often combined with a longer, more traditional looking necklace. This way, you still have the tighter fitting choker along with the secondary, loose necklace.

The all-in-one choker combines these two together into a singular design. The dangle necklace actually hangs from the choker. This is one some people love and others avoid as it does put more weight onto the choker. If you don't like the feel of an all-in-one you can still just pair a secondary necklace with the choker. 

The Wrap

This is exactly what it sounds like. The wrap look is a ribbon or cloth looking choker that often ties off in the back. Some celebrities rock suicide ties and make their own wraps to create a choker look. That is what is great about the choker. It literally is possible to make it from just about anything, even shoelaces if you're in a pinch. 

The Bling Meets Leather

Leather and a bit of bling can really go well together. The leather band is easily adjustable and fits more like a slender dog collar, while the bling in the front may be anything from a gold chain to silver metal and a gemstone up front.

If you're shopping around for any chokers with metal though, make sure to keep an eye out for anything made from nickel. This is a filler metal in some less expensive jewelry and some people are allergic to it (ever have your ears puff up from certain earrings? It's probably from nickel). 

Classic Black

This is the throwback look to your 90s chokers. Whether it is made from a lace-like material or not, the black choker can go with just about any look. Of course, there are some new variations of the choker now, including some of varying width, but you really can't go wrong with the vintage "Clueless" look. 

The Chain Look

Think bangles but for your neck. Some are thicker than others, but it just gives you more options. A great look is one that looks like an intertwined tree branch in the form of a choker. 

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Choker Necklace Size Chart

*Chokers with an extension chain are adjustable up to the length of the chain. (Extension chains range from 2" to 6" inches)